Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lenko: 2010 Animal Sweater Collective

I was really excited when I first saw these. On a holiday wander and meander with friends through the city of Melbourne and popping into any store we fancied, we chanced upon Lenko in the Cathedral Arcade. We had meant to check out the vintage sellers and op-shop-poachers Retrostar, I loved their range of soft sweatshirt jumpers.My favourites were they toucan in a bright green and the lemur jumper with a dark burnt red/ maroon. I like the sort of trial and variation on the patterns of the animal designs, the rough sewn patterns and the button eyes. The previous range of jumpers couldn't hold a candle to all the colour that was available. 

When sorting through the piles of jumpers I even saw a purple unicorn, the only possibly a trial design they tested out before settling on the bright blue mane of the unicorn. I was heart-broken when the sold out and have tried to scour the Internet and eBay for anyone who was willing to part with their fantastic jumper and have not had any luck at all. 

I will not give up easily however, and I will own a lovely jumper from Lenko. My friends I promise you this. Lenko also stocks a range of lo-fi toy cameras by Superheadz, they source clothing and accessories from Lazy Oaf all the way from the UK and have lovely vintagesque stationary as well as brooches of lady gaga in plastic. Last time I checked they still had them, I hope they still do- they were really cool!

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