Friday, September 23, 2011

Kester Black

Twice a year the wonderful designer Anna Ross of jewellery Label Kester Black graces us with a collection of fanciful earrings, necklaces and rings made of precious metals, semi-precious stones and wood. I have a feeling I first spied her wooden animals, the wooden squirrel attached to a rope necklace from her Maiden Voyage collection in a magazine such as Frankie but it has been so long now I had time to completely forget about this wonderful brand! Oh hark! What a tragic loss that would have been! 
Fortunately I have rediscovered my zeal for blogging with the end of Term 3 and nearing the end of my final year of secondary school. Dad also found a tiny notebook of mine in which I scrawled down the names of several brands I wanted to report about and hadn't yet had the chance to do so. By the time I had looked again at the Kester Black website, two new collections had been launched; distinct from the first two in which animals feature prominently. I first spotted the carved wooden squirrel necklace; although I must admit currently my favourite is the pony necklace from that collection. I wouldn't call myself a horse person since I have had six rabbits but I prefer the skinny elegant legs of the house and the rugged dug out carving suits the mane of the horse well; as does the texture of the bear of the Maiden Voyage collection in carved wood. 

Smooth lines and flowing structure of the polar bear necklaces and rat earrings attracted me to the previous collection of this particular brand. The polar bear in silver is also very cute, have contemplated getting it for my best friend for her eighteenth birthday since she is Clare Bear and her email is polar bear something-or-rather. The clustered mineral earrings are really cute but still sort of moody and sassy. I like the way the pieces have been photographed; they can seem both mystic and a part of dark magic but they bright light of the flash has caught the polished silver in such a way that there is also a happy bright mood. Maybe I am looking too far into these trivial things... 
So my favourite pieces are the pyramid ring listed first in this post, the wooden carved pony as well as the carved bear made from wood, the golden bone and the polar bears. Those are the pieces I would buy if I found a lost wallet and didn't particularly feel like handing it in and doing the right thing- although the mineral pieces are good and the colours are bright and amazing I always fear that they rub away when you wear them till their nothing. I may be prooved wrong when I actually track down some of the stores that stock Kester Black and will ammend that in a product review perhaps? I can only draw assumptions from the images I see on their website and am left forlorn to make my own guesses. I am really excited that the designer Anna Ross is now based in Melbourne, most of the stockists for her wonderful pieces are in my city! For my information about Anna Ross' work as well as Kester Black and all her pieces, head on over to her website.

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