Sunday, September 25, 2011

Karen Walker: Sunglasses Collection 2008

Despite the dodgy wigs which do not match the skin colour of the models and the odd curly beard here and there the 2008 collection of Karen Walker's sunglasses still manage to become the centre of attention in the Masters of Disguise collection. There is a larger focus on colour than the 2007 collection, tinted and coloured lenses to match curious and spectacular round frames. I am a big fan of the perfectly circular frames; alas my cheap pair (relatively cheap $80) was chewed up by my house family's pet bull dog in America. I'm still heart broken over that considering you can't get those sunglasses anymore and they didn't tell me about it till I asked where they were- they were going to tiptoe around that conversation.

Back to the sunglasses, not all of the Masters of Disguise collection images have been included in this post and if you are intrigued and I have caught your interest please head over to the Karen Walker website for eyewear and have a look at all their wonderful collections throughout the years. 
There is a heavy emphasise on a rectangular shaped frame which I am beginning to warm up to- although I do have my doubts about the frames and what they would look like on my face since I am a bit self-conscience about my nose and all the models have been blessed with delicate soft features. There are no strong and prominent lines about their faces. Always something to take into consideration with sunglasses, you may love what the glasses look like on their own as a piece of design or on someone else's face but they may not flatter and beautify your own face. 

I like their take on cat's eyes frames once again, the thicker frames on the outside of the glasses would also suit someone sporting eyeliner and bring attention to someone's eyes with dramatic make up. The sort of mauve tinted lenses also look nice, with what looks like gold coloured sides. 

I was very excited when I saw that Karen Walker had incorporated a tortoise shell tone into this collection of sunglasses, it's a lighter brown almost a browny-beige with flecks of black. The thick sort of more rectangular shaped Woody Allen frames (last image) are on of my favourites, I wouldn't mind having them to wear this Summer to protect my eyes. My mother is rather big on being sun smart and protection from UV rays. What could be sportier than a large pair of sunglasses by NZ designer Karen Walker?

The perspex bright blue frames tinted with a rose end shade the upper part of the face- I may just have to persuade mother that they are practical and beautiful and that I need them. 'Super Duper' as they are known are not for any old wallflower, they are bright and I think would suit an understated black gruneyg knit with denim shorts and sandals or you could dress them up and wear bright colours to show off like a peacock. Probably not versatile enough to be worn at night unlike some of the other pieces in the Masters of Disguise collection I doubt I would wear sunglasses at night anyway. I am far too clumsy as it is and will not hinder my eyesight and risk braking such beautiful sunglasses.

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