Sunday, September 25, 2011

Karen Walker: Sunglasses Collection 2007


The 2007 range of sunglasses by New Zealand designer Karen Walker was her second collection in eyewear; and what an eye-opener it was. Walker managed to cleverly incorporate her defining and trademark motif within the designs of all of her sunglasses. The arrow along the sides of each frame hidden underneath masses of glorious hair as shown on her models.

The effectiveness of the campaign for Karen Walker's 2007 sunglasses range may be contributed to the bright vibrant flowers which break up the different designs and colours of each pair. The different shades of the flowers and they way the colours melt into the petals to form one whole picture emphasise the strict lines and contrast of the sunglasses against the skin of each of the models. I don't really like the square boxy sunglasses of this range; I much prefer the perfect round circular shapes and variations of the Woody Allen frame glasses in vibrant colours.

The cat's eye frames are also very chic; I imagine them fitting perfectly on Audrey Hepburn's beautiful face. They are more adult and refined but they are also made of the distinct plastic of Karen Walker sunglasses. The cat's eyes frames below are minimalist, not overdoing it and not accentuating the outside of the frame too much. I feel like there is an allowance for the wearer to have a bold eyeliner under the minimalist frames and draw attention to their eyes and accentuate them.

The 2007 collection was the second of many successful collections of eyewear designed by Karen Walker; although all the pieces could belong within the same collections and ranges her distinct use of strong lines and brightly coloured plastics combined with the trademark arrows darting on the sides of her sunglasses has established herself as a prominent designer within this field. Her collections go from strength to strength. Each collection seems to expand on the designs established by the previous collection but explorer different colours and materials. Despite the different approaches of the models wearing the sunglasses; they all seem to work and emphasise the bold design. The designs are so strong in the 2007 collection; or perhaps that is just clever photography and the use of backgrounds and flowers within the website which seems to bombard the senses with colour. Whatever flair there is about the collection; I covet anyone who has owned a pair and religiously uses Karen Walker's sunglasses.

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