Monday, July 4, 2011


Some of the most creative yet practical pieces I've posted about on this blog thus far, Sibling. In there six collections they have shown great potential and diversity in woollen knitwear creations. The colours are rich and vibrant and to die for. What they've been able to do in their collection of men's knitwear is just phenomenal. Despite the fact that I know when a women wears men's clothing it never ends well I think that knitwear is still safe territory although it can hang loose if its a cardigan over the shoulders and the bust can be a little tight.

All of those things I am willing to compromise to wear snuggly soft amazing jumpers covered in rock star pandas, the most amazing lion adorned in a mane you have ever seen, neon fuzzy stitching and the words "punk" and "girlfriend from hell".

I only meant to include the pieces I would like to have in my own wardrobe, unfortunately that is close to sixty pieces. I adored all collections but one, the play with vibrant colour from range to range allows Sibling to explore neon greens, girly pink and depths of space black. I saw style icon and blogger Susie Bubble where she tried on the scribble jumper and fell in love. When I explored there site the first jumper I clapped eyes on was the red lion. My childhood favourite colour was red, that deep intense yellow-based red. It's the kinda red that's good luck and just fills you with happiness.

Drawing inspiration from rock star group Kiss, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as well as leopards and vermin Sibling is now three years old and looking as strong as ever. I eagerly anticipate the moment they become available in Australia within Melbourne.

Draw strings, buckle epaulets, ribbing, pom poms, bandit hats, sequins, mesh, neon green detailing, scarves, balaclavas, monster eyes, leopard print, schoolboy blazers, floral detailing, rats, bead details... it's just amazing what they have done with modern knitwear. And as stated before these pieces are imaginative and practical maybe still with exception to the pink knitted balaclava and matching body suit.
"Sibling, the bold, progressive men's knitwear label,
launched on May 29th 2008 was born out of a desire
to give knitwear for men a kick.
Their collections have included bright and playful
subversions of classic knitwear styles such as cashmere
Twinsets in sequin leopard, sparkling or skull infused
Bretons, statement pieces such as beaded Ratus Ratus,
fox-trimmed, mink-lined Parkas – authentic in every
detail, traditionally tailored School Blazers, knitted
takes on the Trenchcoat, a show stopping fully knitted
Biker Jacket in black cotton laminated to mimic
worn leather and show pieces including the Ram’s head
sweater, the Knit Monster, Swarovski Kurt Grunge
Beano and the Skull.
A collaboration between Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and
Cozette McCreery, Sibling is all for one and one for all.
The three bringing with them a strong heritage of
experience with top name designers. Between them
they’ve worked with, amongst others, Alexander
McQueen, Giles Deacon, Gallliano, Lanvin, Jonathan
Saunders and Bella Freud."

The kind of indie chic cardigans you'd give your left leg for to discover in a Salvos or Vinnies but without the weird smell of second hand clothes, moth balls and women over sixty and in bold colours; Sibling have filled all my sweater and cardigan knitted dreams. All I need now is too fill my pockets with some money and be evergreen to afford such fanciful clothes and I'll be set for university... in my dreams.

The London punk vibe conveyed in the vibrant and vivacious colours as well as bold patterns say "look at me" as well as have a devil may care attitude about them. Perfectly suited with Doc Martens a London classic I can only hope that Sibling knitwear can too perhaps have a glimmer of being as iconic as the combat boots and skinheads of England. I can see in my mind's eye that the pieces can integrate well into many wardrobes: worn with skinny jeans, slim pants for a smarter look and brogues as well as skirts for a feminine touch. A girl can only dream of the wondrous combinations an amazing lion sweater could do for her fashion and social life.

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