Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black Milk - Bodysuits

If you have the misfortune to be formally acquainted with the over-night fashion sensation then you must have been living under a rock or possibly do not have Tumblr as one of your favourite websites. Worn by some of my favourite fashion bloggers such as Brooke Kao from Moohoop (formerly blogged at the fashion void that is DC) and Tavi from the Style Rookie.

Since their range has been so complex and ever changing I have had to split this monster label into two posts if you don't mind; this one dedicated to the sexy sultry bodysuits and swimwear their dead-skinny models sport as well as the leggings in a future unwritten post. (Unwritten in relation to the point of time I am currently writing).

In amazing imaginative prints ranging from the depths of space to the grim spectre of death there is nearly a piece to suit every taste as long as it is not belonging to a conservative boring person. Make no mistake, this is not for the faint of heart and is best worn by the beautiful, adorned and skinny. Perhaps this is why I don't own a piece yet?

Since I don't have Paypal I have had the wretched misfortune to miss out on this fad too. Perhaps not a fad though, I would like to see this a promising piece of fashion integrated into everyday and popular culture. Indeed it has already turned the world of fashion blogging around on the Jeffrey Campbell wedged heels as well as fashion photography.

The pieces are styled with great grandeur; peroxide blond hair cut pixie short and lusciously long, the plain white backdrop allowing the pieces to shine as well as Jeffrey Campbell boots and heels for maximum OMPF.

The designer, James Lilis, plays around with variations on the one design a very thoughtful and beneficial idea for him as the galaxy range, skeletal legs and patent leather colour variations are by far the most easily recognisable on lookbook, google images etc.

Only the best looking and girls with the fattest wallets may be able to purchase them. So alas I am unable to afford them AND they require payment online via Paypal, as a seventeen year old I have rather a lot of trouble with matters such as this.

My only gripe with the imaginative whimsical and most splendorous imagination of Lilis is that he limits production on his designs and a number of my favourites are now un-acquirable. Something that at the mere mention of makes me feel rather sad and uncomfortable. With the most unusual sizes left I am now forced to look good and diet and exercise to look ravishing in amazing Lycra bodysuits. It's almost as if a divine rebirth of the 1980's is happening before our very eyes and if I had the money and the Paypal capacity to carry out such a deed I would buy the whole store and dress only in the most dapper and amazing way. Create art in my everyday life as it were and have something to write about and photograph on my other blogs. So I am forced to wish and dream.

Currently there is a magnificent red galaxy bodysuit in size S as it were that is on auction on eBay as I write costing over $100 with five days left. I fear that as time goes on these amazing captivating pieces of fashion will only become more dear. Therefore I dedicate it now to become my sacred quest to get my hands on a piece of Black Milk clothing and do you proud dear readers to show you the styling and wonder I can create within my own life.

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