Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Turn Me on Design

Since the boyfriend is not only sick but not online, my dear blog readers have my undivided attention for the next how-many hours! Lucky you.

I know I have been really negligent lately, to this blog and also to my "photography" (if it is of a good enough standard to be called photography). I'm stressed with all the holiday homework I have to do within the next month, working as a 'traveller' shilling expensive and prestige brands, refereeing on top of making time for my friends and seeing my boyfriend.

I don't really think I'll have enough time, but I will try to give a slice of that to you at this moment, dear reader.

Turn Me On Design (TMOD)
If you have been reading my most recent blogposts on Tonguekisses & Tyranny, then maybe you'll have noticed my appreciation of certain brands, in particular those who make amazing cult/ pop cult jewellery in silver. I simply adore silver.

I wish it came from the moon, just as the ancient civilisations of old used to think. The moon, after all, is a symbol of women's sexuality and the natural world of cycles and seasons.
But enough of the history class.

Turn Me On Design belongs to that class of designers making silver jewellery; darker and more sinister and simplistic than Karen Walker, whose pieces tend more to tell a story, of that ilk of Deadly Ponies Precious and the jewellery famous jeans brand Ksubi rarely made.

I'm only really into their most recent ranges, 'Long Lost Secrets' and 'Poetry in Braille'.

The first two ranges 'TMOD Classics' and 'Smoke & Mirrors' don't really appeal to me at all. There's not enough within the range, and although there are the distinct and different styles I don't like them. They're all too simple and similar to one another. I just think that they could have been more original in their design.

TMOD Classics:

Smoke & Mirrors:

You can decide for yourself whether you greatly admire these extracts of each range, but I know I wasn't. However as I mentioned earlier, the more recent pieces are to die for in my opinion.

TMOD have only just recently been established and are still settling down into their design style, it's either that, or alternatively, they keep going through different designers and fire them.

I found the latest two ranges to be more unique, 'Poetry in Braille' focuses more on the kind of pyramids designed by the Mayans, thimbles strung on silver necklaces and road sign posts. These are all beautifully crafted and different, hence why I love them. The ring's on necklaces are seized for either women or men, so if you did want to wear it as a ring I suggest you get the right ring and save yourself having to haggle a stockist for a refund to get the correct size or having to resize the rings. They are beautiful as they are, and it pains me to think of altering something that is perfect.

Poetry in Braille:

And introducing my favourite, 'Long Lost Secrets'.
I know I can tend to be a little reckless with money, I may impulse buy over eBay just a little too much, but I know it is a part of modern human nature to be impulsive and reckless when it comes to money. ( I was brainwashed at my induction, but more about that later). If I was so reckless and had enough money to back it, I would buy every piece in the Long Lost Secrets range. There is nothing I dislike about it.

I love the use of oxidised silver in pieces, and the way it has been implemented in TMOD's jewellery ensures that this temporary effect lasts as long as possible and sets your jewellery apart from anyone else's. There are two different types of crystal's hanging in claw set, in either white agate and smoky quartz and all the other pieces, be it rings, bangles or necklaces can be used to stamp letters with wax.

Jewellery that can create wax seals, and help me to make fake and imitation letters from Hogwarts!? To die for.

The range of pieces 'Long Lost Secrets' has to offer has branched out from just necklaces, there are those, beautiful statement pendants, spinner rings with wax seal indents, bangles and sea shells in silver. Enough ranting, you guys have to see ALL of these pieces for yourself.

Long Lost Secrets:

For more information on TMOD, check them out at:

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