Sunday, June 12, 2011


Something so right about the union of silver skulls, amazing jewels and floral wreaths. All finally combined together in what can only be described as cult jewellery to lust after.Meadowlark is a New Zealand label which I discovered by flying to America by their airline, Air New Zealand on the return flight home, which meant by then I was flat broke and couldn't afford to buy any jewellery from Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club or Meadowlark :(
I was pretty heartbroken, in fact I plan to save a little money at the end of the year and persuade some mates of mine to go see the Big Day Out musics festival and travel with me to New Zealand if I can. It was that amazing and yet torturous to put all that amazing jewellery in front of me, knowing that I had been in the same vicinity only 3 weeks earlier but was down some one thousand dollars.

  Creations made in gold as well as well the new Zealand brand started out when Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont joined forces way back in 2006 when the two joined as business partners to create jewellery described as being so precious that to lose it would cause the ex-owner great devastation.

“We believe jewellery is personal, and can become so entwined with a person that it is one of the most devastating possessions you can lose.”

Since then the two have married as well, combining their love for crafting jewellery, garment design and each other into their jewellery line Meadowlark. Clair sold her fashion label in 2004 and owns her own studio while her husband Greg crafts haunting and inspiring jewellery with the most piercing and deeply colour jewels I have clapped my eyes on.

Their creations are wild; like nothing I have ever seen before. They are uninhibited in their design and push the envelop of creativity. I would love the cute little bow earrings in gold, with snake heads for a little edge. You could probably wear those babies to work in an office and not many people would notice unless they loved jewellery as much as you. The skull necklaces with deep set eyes and an impartial grimace aren't that threatening and are crafted beautifully. My last favourite piece would be the  claw set heart ring. Something so vampire-Esq and innately dark about that is alluring to me. 

               As an added bonus to do your bit to save the planet, Meadowlark are donating 15% of the profits from sales on their website to help victims of the Auckland earthquakes. If you're looking for unique, edgy, punk jewellery and want to help those in need, I highly recommend you checkout their website (linked above in first paragraph).

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