Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Matina Amanita

So I first fell in love with Matina Amanita when they were introduced to me in imitation of the style of Zippora Seven: with her gentle eclecticism, her beguiling eyes and her floral doc martens. All things to die for. I owe my love and obsession with rings to her and reading of her in Australia Vogue of December 2008. So long ago, and how it has changed me. Expensive tastes in jewelery and debt can be blamed on a simple article with artistic arrangement and silver and gold combined with awe-inspiring shapes with precious stones.

So I love it; I can't help but gush about it. It is AMAZING.

And now several pages of pictures followed by some more writing about seven billion scrolls later:

I'm going to get the broken ring on the far right in the mail soon! *fan-girls around the room and then passes out*
Cupids holding gems above their heads, my god I want them all!

Mount Olympus range, cue drooling.

Even the packaging is beautiful yet so different for each range. I have a tiny gold gilt box for me ring from the Teeny Tiny collection that looks like a book. So sweet.


I bought the mint/bluesy green one on the bottom that says Broken
Heartbeat 09. Possibly my most coveted ring to receive on Valentine's Day. I would do loving, but oh so unrespectable things to the man to gift me this on the most loved up day on the calender.

Canadian totem poles are the shit.

Autumn/ Winter 2009, "Warrior Till Death"

The Lover's ring, 06.

Look at what they have in store for their Autumn/ Winter 2010 range!!

If it does not fill your soul with magic and make you giddy deep within your loins stupid mortals than you obviously do not understand or comprehend these things than you never will. EVER.

SO this shit is amazing. Like seriously some of the greatest craftsmen ship I have ever seen, the detail is superb. I have just one Matina Amanita piece myself and it is the Spring/Summer 2010 Teeny Tiny range. It is a tiny flower ring in purple, there are enamel flowers and an amethyst in the middle, sterling silver with gold plate.
But seriously yes, amazing. Detail on the ring is to look like a tiny branch. Dear ring, if my boyfriend leaves you can have my babies instead. OK? Yes, deal.
I would buy so many more of these pieces if they came up on eBay within my region and also if I wasn't poor. Alas.

Matina Amanita of Old:
I can not find any of these pieces any where on the internet, there is no hint of their existence except for echoes within the deepest recesses of my memories. But oh my lord, look at how beautiful they are! It would bring a tear to my eye were it not so damaged already from overuse!

The Rose gold carousel necklace, with crystal! WHY DOES NO ONE ON EBAY WANNA LET YOU GO?!! (dumb question really)

And now for the rest of the pictures that you must see and fall in live with as I have with sweet short commentary from, Moi.

Zodiac rings, I really wish I didn't have a lame star sign like Libra... THE SCALES! OK, yes I complain a lot when things aren't fair and I believe in karma and all other sort of cosmic stuff like that but seriously couldn't I have gotten something that would look amazing on a gold ring!?

Unicorns battling each other on my fingers? Yes please. Can I have 4890358095786905760 of them?

Globetrotters range of 2009.

I love this one the most it is just... the shit. Gaudi's Magic. I want you.

Taj Mahal in green!! They are so many colour variations for the globetrotters range especially for the Candy Castle and the Taj Mahal. I am loving it.

Mount Olympus
I love antlers shit loads.

Trojan horse necklace in Gold, Rose gold and sterling silver. Or maybe it was vermeil...

This was part of the spread in the vogue issue that started my love affair with Matina Amanita...


Leopard cuff, got to love those mesmerizing eyebrows. Those are the things that dreams and long lived marriages are made of.

And on that note I give up writing a proper conclusion to this post and say to you all good night, and I swear I am usually not this lazy. Tonight is a special night though. Adieu!

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