Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deadly Ponies

No I don't think so, I always despised that little pink and plastic malformed figure they called a miniature horse. How about a little taste of the New Zealand powerhouse that is Deadly Ponies?

I've got a little bit of a soft spot for New Zealand designers, in particular DP as well as Karen Walker, but there's just something so appealing about this brand.

They haven't tried to branch out into areas that they're really incapable of creating for; the things is, Deadly Ponies have everything about their designs down pat. They have their two ranges, Deadly Ponies which create 100% leather handbags and then there is Deadly Ponies Precious which creates silver and bronzed necklaces. Both of them have that innate sense of darkness which I, as an angsty teenager, tend to eat up and lap at like a continental breakfast with a slice of cantaloupe.

I must be rather hungry.
This is the seal, the seal of approval. Don't worry, once you see the conjoined horse twins enough you get used to it and accept it as part of the norm.

Here are some of the most inspired leather creations that I want for when I go to university:

Back-pack with double clip straps:

Nylon skeleton bag:

Deadly Ponies petite purses
Gorgeous little black flower purse:

Bow purse and DP tag, with what I believe to be an Alice Mccall illusionary dress:

Large Mr Bow Pouch:

(black sue)

(blue suede)

Mr Bone Mailman:

Stuff N Type Purple Suede Bag:

Oversized and overnight bags
Deadly Ponies take on the overnight bag, 'Mr Sleepover':

Mr Fill N Wrap ( Deer skin shoulder bag) - in 'RHINO' colour

Many of the modelled photographs via Violent Green who have excellent styling and just plain siq taste. Lover by Susien Chong leather shorts and a deadly ponies bag? All of bovine kind would make me public enemy no. 1 I do believe.

Love them as much as I do? Check them out on their home website: Deadly Ponies

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