Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deadly Ponies Precious

A division of Deadly Ponies, who expanded their empire to jewellery made in stunning sterling silver and a few select pieces can be found in gold. The chains are my preferable length, long and sitting roughly low at the neck and strong and sturdy.

The pendants themselves are mainly of animals, or their body parts and I think they like skulls too. It's all a bit gothic really but that's what makes it so attractive and alluring to me. I like my fairy tale jewellery, mixed in with skulls and gory bits.

It seems like a part of me never grew up from my fairy tales but the other half became Tim Burton loving.
Actually, I think that's exactly what happened to me.
Fox pendant necklace.
Rabbit head necklace.
The Deadly Ponies classic trademark, the Siamese twin horses translated into a sterling silver necklace. Love it.

Don't want to forget something? Tie a piece of string arounf your finger. Or, better yet, go to the shops right now and buy this bad boy for someone special. They won't forget you.

Styling by Violent Green:

Screen Shots from their homepage Deadly Ponies Precious:

So by checking out these quillon pictures you can see the immaculate detail on these babies. It is just insane. For silver necklaces, Deadly Ponies Precious is up there with my other favourite brand for silver necklaces, Karen Walker which you will hear more about later. Adieu.

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