Tuesday, August 19, 2014

it's hip to be square

During semester break I would normally take the time to tidy my room and decorate it but since I went on camp, in a way, I lost that time. It's only now that I am swooning over pastel houses or obsessing over creepy suburban girl's bedrooms and watching certain sequences from Edward Scissorhands. I've been thinking a lot about my experiences from high school, the good and the bad and sometimes imagining what it could have been like. It makes me feel kind of sad that when I reflect on that period of my life I have so few actual memories and a lot of it feels like time wasted but it's nice to cheer myself up about these things by making moodboards. I wanted to combine those pastel colours with the blocky architecture of buildings inspired by designs from the 1960s and 1970s to make the ~ultimate~ inspiration post. But the truth is I don't think it's possible to include every photograph that inspired by this. It's better left unfinished so I can come back to this.

1- Beach Houses from Teenage Stories by Julia Fullerton-Batten 2005. 2a- DEVO at Knebworth Rock Festival, Feeling Magazine in 1978 & c- The Simpsons. 4a- Style Rookie, b- Hotel by Callum Morton. 5. 6a- unknown. 7a- John Divola, b- Akris Fall 2011. 8- all unknown. 9- screencaps from Grease (1978). 10- Madge in Desperately Seeking Susan, the video for Lust for Life by Girls, unknown, and Brenda Walsh. 11a- Rookie Mag, b- "Underwear" by Julia Fullerton-Batten - 2005, c- unknown. 12a- Style Rookie, b- Ghost World by Daniel Clowes, c- unknown 1950s pink bedroom design. 13- screencaps from Pretty in Pink (1986). 2b, 3a & b, 6b- Balenciaga Fall 2010 details.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Girl who Fell to Earth

Wearing: Thrifted hat, Karen Walker sunglasses, Country Road sweater, Romance was Born dress and Lipstick jelly sandals.

I bought this hat on a particularly successful shopping trip and I feel like it's my new baby. When I put it on I simultaneously feel like a Russian spy, a troll doll and spiritually connected to my biggest inspiration and favourite style icon Susie Bubble. Normally I shy away from the 1990s trends but I couldn't help but admire the weird colours and texture of this accessory. Also it's worth mentioning that I don't often see cool vintage hats at thrift stores so I needed to seize this opportunity with both hands. A lot of other fashion bloggers have been wearing pink and orange together so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and create an outfit reminiscent of my childhood. Aliens however, were not part of my childhood but I really wanted to wear these sunglasses and channel heavy 'Mars Attacks!' vibes from 1996.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

status update:

Some of these pages from my art journal are quite old but most were made in the last month or so and there's a lot of nature and stuff, my favourite page being the one with the insects. Nature is often idealised as being luscious shades of green with lots of leaves but it's also the desert and sand and being alone with one's thoughts. I bought some great books from the library at university for less than a dollar and one is just a bunch of high quality aerial photographs of the desert and animal migrations and I can't wait to use that for some material in my journal.
I think I'm beginning to find a good routine to balance creativity with work and schoolwork where most nights after being at uni all day I sit down for hours at a time and maybe only complete one page in my journal. Some days I wish I could be more productive and churn collages out but mostly I am content to work at my own pace and feel happy when something is completed. At the moment, my only goal is to keep busy.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Simone Rocha Fall 2014

Simone Rocha's collection for Fall 2014 was marked by a feast for the eyes in which the viewer was bombarded by a sea of fur coats, the deepest reds and gold embellishments. I was struck by visions of the Victorian-era and the romanticised notion "old money" emanated from the classic designs from the prominent designer. At the tender age of twenty-eight, a baby by industry standards Rocha has firmly established herself as a noteworthy and favourite designer who is not afraid to let their personal style influence each season's collection. Au contraire! This is part of Rocha's allure, that she is able to create a narrative and use her own sense of nostalgia to retell the story of her own life through clothes. Reinventing those flattering coats, ruffled dresses and tulle designs has become a craft honed over several seasons but they yet to lose their charm, but I can't help but wonder whether Rocha will venture outside these tried and true designs. 

Every season I delight in dissecting the shoes Rocha releases coincident with each collection Fall 2014 sees a slightly pointier toed shoe, fur lined bedroom slippers and flattering mid-calf boots. While I would have to agree, the crowd does not gasp in the same way an audience at Alexander McQueen might there is a kind of assurance that no models will topple over during the show, but these shoes still manage to retain a street-style-worthy status. The collection ended on a high closing with shiny pairs of golden brogues and loafers secured by gold chains screaming high fashion. As great as all that sounds, what I'm really eager to get my hands on are the brogues which match the embellishment on some of the dresses. There's a pair in pink with a red contrasting chain, camel colored flats with a strap made from a tinsel-like material and a few other combinations that caught my eye.

Rocha's main weapon against the cold was gargantuan coats with more ruffles than you can poke a stick at and a silhouette to rival Rei Kawakubo's Comme des Garcons. I say that fondly, I'm increasingly becoming obsessed with Comme each day and I think there's something be said for the comfort of cocoon-like coats in Winter. And the promise of emerging in the Springtime in a cloud of colour is enough to brighten even the darkest of Winter days. These coats are far removed from the boring duffel coats peddled out by factory retailers which, as you can probably tell from my tone I am beginning to loathe. It's just getting to a certain point in Winter where everyone looks like their wearing the same thing and boys and girls are a dime a dozen and it's driving me crazy! Sorry, I didn't mean to rant but I have high praise for designers who generate unique designs and are real leaders in the anti-boredom campaign.

The absurdity or rather, frivolity of showing a lace dress for a Fall collection constitutes one of the many things I love about fashion. There is a certain freedom of expression which compels the designer when they are financially secure and finally we can see the clothes they were destined to make after years of hard work in art school. I mean obviously there are limits to public consumption where nudity is concerned (#freethenip2014) but this lacy piece still remains tasteful and the attitude of the model really lifts it. Largely I feel that long sleeved dresses and tops are a little more demure and when I have fallen in love with the pattern or design of the piece I am even happier to cover myself in it from head to toe. Plus the almost religious design of the lacework and nod to the Elizabethan royal family has me hooked- I'm much happier these days to vicariously explore ancient history through clothing and as a kind of re imagined costume than I ever was studying books (although there was a time when I enjoyed doing that too!). 

The final and obviously most sensible choice for Fall was fur and as always Rocha delivered when it came to making thick and chunky textures feminine and a delight to watch on the catwalk. What I find most fascinating about her approach to presentation is the offering of different styles and silhouettes made from the same material, interspersed with unique one off pieces like the above outfit. I got 2001 Space Odyssey vibes mixed together with a futuristic Teddy Bear's picnic. That sounds kind of lame but you can't deny that that particular shade of brown and fur thickness doesn't remind you of a cuddly toy. I wish I had been there in person to observe the movement of this skirt from side on- my curiosity is beyond the comprehension of two dimensional profiles lifted from style.com and I have the longing to hear the noise of the show and feed off the undoubted buzz of the crowd.

Tartan outfits were made demure in matching cropped skirt suits preceded by tougher, androgynous suits that the supreme being Tilda Swinton was made to wear. I can't decide which variation I like more, probably the ruffled crop top and knee length skirt purely because my hair is long at the moment but if I were to have a slicked back do some patent leather brogues combined with tailored trousers would be more up my alley. There's so many different variables to think about when considering the proportions of different outfits and how best to show them off... or maybe I am over complicating matters as is my want to do. All rambling thoughts aside, I was super impressed with just about everything from this collection but as always I am attracted to the use of colours and patterns so the red plaid items are on my wishlist- or they would be if I wasn't so damn poor.