Sunday, December 21, 2014

Captain's Log

These journal pages document my last semester of university, as well as the time spent awaiting my results. Since finishing my last exam I've had more time to myself which has largely been spent blogging but I've also invested time watching movies. The first three pages in my journal are the result of watching Howl's Moving Castle (2004) directed by Hayao Miyazaki and are by far my favourites. The more I make collages, the less structured they become. Slowly everything is becoming more fluid and less influenced by regular shapes and straight lines but it's hard to break old habits I guess. What I enjoy most is learning something about myself and trying to make everything cohesive within an A5 sized page which I can then keep forever.

Friday, December 19, 2014

In the water I am beautiful

Today was very up and down. I got the details of my honours project for next year in the mail and I didn't get my first preference. I won a dress in a giveaway but then the person hosting was really passive aggressive about it in their next post and it made me feel yuck (I am not going to name names). And I got a pair of shoes that I bought in the mail and they don't quite fit me right but they are absolutely beautiful. I felt most upset about the news about my honours project as this will affect me the most but I wore my slightly too big shoes around the house to cheer myself up. Everything in life has aspects which are good and bad but today I felt these differences more strongly than ever and it surprised me in a lot of unexpected ways. These photos highlight both good and bad but rather than the cliche black and white I've opted for more vivid colours. I think these make the images more emotionally charged. 

1- Björk and her son Sindri by Juergen Teller. 2a- via, b- Tallulah Morton photographed by Byron Spencer via Emma Mulholland & c. 3. 4b- Style Rookie, c- by Ginette Lapalme. 5- FKA twigs for Spex Magazine, 6a- Claire Inc Archive. 7- Florence & the Machine. 8a. 10a- Tavi, b. 9- Laurence Philomène, October 2014 © amanda jas. 11- Carolyn West photography. 12b & c- Alexander Wang Spring 2014. 13. 14a, b- Ben Sandler, d- Carolyn West photography. 4a, 6b, 8b & c. 13a, 14c- Björk via.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Under the Sea

Wearing: Romance Was Born dress, Meadham Kirchhoff skirt, Arielle de Pinto shoes, American Apparel socks and thrifted knitted hat.

I felt so inspired after reviewing Cassandra Verity Green's collection Neptune's Daughter I wanted to create an outfit which emulated the British designer. It's a bit too warm for shaggy mohair and knitted stoles though so I opted for a more practical interpretation. Plus it gave me another excuse to wear this amazing dress with a Meadham Kirchhoff piece. The knitted hat was absolutely necessary though since it's coral red but also makes up for the lack of goldfish incorporated in this outfit. It looks a bit like a vintage swimming cap too. That shade of red with blue seemed odd to me at first, but when you consider the vast diversity of tropical fish in the ocean it becomes a natural association. I enjoyed processing these photos in the style of art video and only wish I had more time to edit my photographs during semester.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Cassandra Verity Green Neptune's Daughter

The collection that got everyone talking about Cassandra Verity Green was undoubtedly Neptune's Daughter which catapulted the young British designer and  Central Saint Martins Knitwear graduate to the height of fame. What was most startling aside from the rich variety of texture and furry cropped sweaters was that infamous bubble backpack outraging animal rights activists and goldfish enthusiasts alike. Not only were the fish used as props during this photo shoot, live animals were used in the runway show causing concern amongst the wider community. While we were assured in the aftermath that the goldfish were treated in an ethical way it does raise the question why they had to be used.

Naturally a fishy companion reinforces this idea of Neptune's Daughter in her seaweed stole connected with the ocean but a realistic toy fish could have been an equally effective substitute. Controversies aside, Cassandra Verity Green's designs remain a firm favourite amongst outlandishly wonderful publications such as Dazed, i-D and with celebrities such as Lady Gaga (unsurprisingly). Alongside an eye-popping colour palette is the playful use of texture and some of the most innovative accessories produced by an independent designer to date. I like everybody else am dying to get my hands on that amazing backpack, but I might fill it with something a bit more benign such as soft toys or vintage scarves depending on the outfit.

*All images via

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I'm not the one that you should be making your enemy

A few weeks ago now Solange got married in what could be history's most glorious 1970s jumpsuit and the official photos were absolutely stunning. But when I thought more about the artist and little sister to Queen Bey I couldn't think of what her voice sounded like or her songs. I dug through the archives to watch and listen to her most famous track, Losing You and my god I unearthed a goldmine of style. Before she beat Jay Z up in an elevator and performing at Coachella. Even before she gravitated away from power clashing to a time when Asos praised her as the queen of mixing prints and patterns. The dreamy tone of the video clip an sun-drenched vocals create the perfect background to a treasure trove of style, whether it be menswear or womenswear. I've wanted to love suits for a while now but they're so damn expensive and I find it difficult to commit to a single look but damn Solange changed my mind. She proved you can wear a suit and have fun at the same time (amazing!).