Sunday, February 7, 2016


Wearing: Nasty Gal vegan leather jacket, Asos blouse, gifted jeans and Rubi shoes platforms. 

I normally hate wearing outfits which are so basic and lack colour but today was an exception. I did feel cute and was mildly inspired by flares and vintage style after watching videos from Tiger's youtube channel. Obviously I am nowhere near as colourful as she is (also my hair looks terrible from the back??? like why didn't anyone tell me!) but my mum gave me these new jeans since I split a whole in my old pair which I've had for seven years. I don't really wear jeans a lot unless I'm going to uni, in which case I'll be mixing nasty chemicals, doing heavy lifting and helping out in the paleontology lab. I generally also wear black when going to uni, so this outfit is kind of represents what my 'uniform' is. It's a bit weird to say that I have a uniform since it's been so long since I was in school but you know what I mean. 

These are the three most recent additions to my rock collection- the one on the top left is Tiger's Eye, to the right is Chrysoprase and on the bottom is Rhyolite. I bought them whilst my boyfriend was buying books for his massage course in a shop preaching healing with crystals... which I am firmly opposed to as someone who majored in geology. The first thing I did when I got home was to google each sample, making sure they were what the shop had stated. Because you never know with those kinds of places...

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hayley Elsaesser prize pack

Yo managed to snag myself this Hayley Elsaesser prize pack through a competition on Instagram and the packaging and everything was too good not to share. I've written about Hayley Elsaesser in the past, originally from Brisbane Australia she's since moved to Toronto, Canada where she has two shops. The aesthetic of her designs is just so strong and in your face, I love it. Even the packaging for my parcel was metallic hot pink! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Back To School

The first town development project in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is the school! which is super great because education is important and yeah. There are three exteriors to choose from, I went with the first because I'm a basic bitch, but I regret not going with the pink/blue option. Whatever, I'm over it. Completing this project unlocks a bunch of education related items, the most exciting to me is the MICROSCOPE because yeah, using one was a major component of my research project IRL. I also found out that spending hours and hours on them can bug up your eyes real bad, so like anything in life you should conduct research in moderation. The desk and lectern set up was also pretty basic and largely based on my own school and FYI I went to public school which didn't seem to do me too much harm. I'll let you make up your own mind on that one though.

One small criticism of the game: with these lengthier projects, there isn't a point in the game where you can save. Sure, you can tweak the interior once you're finished but eventually I just got to the point where I didn't really want to even look at this room anymore. What's nice about a bigger space is that there's more room to attention to detail, and if you're anything like me you can make little sections. Like at the front there's a cubbyhole for shoes and noticeboard which kind of instills a sense of community? Yeah I know it's a stinking video game, but to be honest I would rather live amongst the animals and easily dye my hair without bleach (everyday if I wanted to) rather than 1) constantly apply hair dye, and 2) live with humans which can suck sometimes.

 It might not look like it, but completing the interior for this building took me a long time (I swapped the desks I wanted halfway through to include piles of books, lunches and homework sets on various desks throughout the classroom). For unexplained reasons I also enjoyed taking advantaged of the wall decorations feature so there's a map of the world next to the globe. Basically every corner excluding the entrance is dedicated to some specific aspect of a classroom. There's also a little table at the back of the classroom for arts and crafts, which I did envision as a major component of the classroom but I'm more academic/ science oriented so it was focused on boring desks and tables. Next to the teacher's desk there are the more bureaucratic items such as the filing cabinet and speaker box, but I also added a cup of coffee on the for extra pep! It's the little features like these that make completing the public works projects more enjoyable. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Wearing: Thrifted dress and jacket, Meadham Kirchhoff hat and Sophia Webster boots.

I don't normally wear such preppy clothes but the appeal of dressing like a giant meringue with a boater hat was too overpowering. On the plus side my legs look really good since this dress is about a size too small for me (but it was like $10 sooo...) and the shoes have no heel. Ever since Perks and Mini had glittery desert boots I've wanted a pair and then Sophia Webster made these babies, which were originally $340 USD. They were reduced on Net-a-Porter for $200 something and because I waited just a little longer they cost me $150 AUD. I felt good about saving myself $200 until I realised I had left my Dr Martens boots (which I wear everywhere) in a friends car after a camping trip. 

Matching the gold ribbon tied around my hat is this sample of Pyrite, also known as fool's gold. In my mind it's the most common iron sulfide, or at the very least one of the most commonly encountered of the iron sulfides during my undergraduate degree. I bought it for $20 at the Sunday market in Hobart, Tasmania at the end of a week long short course at University of Tasmania.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Backless wedding dresses by Cocomelody

As Valentine's Day approaches, it feels more and more appropriate to talk about every girl's fantasy: her wedding day and what dress she would love to wear. During the spring/ summer season wearing a backless dress is the perfect solution for weddings in hot weather, whilst still being slightly evocative and classy. Once again, Cocomelody have some absolutely show stopping dresses, but I'm especially impressed with their range of backless Wedding Dresses. These backless dresses are typically embellished with some kind of lace, or gorgeous sheer white panels adorned in sequined motifs. The dresses are absolutely stunning this season, ranging in price and styles including open back wedding dress. To make life easier, you can also search through the entire range of wedding dresses using a bunch of useful filters including fabric, sleeve length, neckline, embellishment and colour.

If you and your partner are planning the wedding of your dreams, first of all, congratulations and secondly, Cocomelody are offering $25 off select wedding dresses with the code 'W25'. Whilst not everyone will be planning a wedding this month, it doesn't hurt to create a moodboard for inspiration later in life. You might even find the dress of your dreams.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Christian Dior Resort 2016

I had the infinite pleasure of strolling past the Dior store on Collins Street whilst running late for my haircut. It just so happens that other luxury fashion houses MaxMara and Gucci are on the same street, but if you were to ask me, I couldn't remember what their windows looked like. This is because 1.) being late makes me very very anxious and 2.) they lacked the same dimension when compared to Dior. Following the unveiling of their Resort 2016 collection at the Bubble Palace presentation (somewhere between Cannes and Monaco) I've spent somewhere between one and six hours drooling over those patchwork boots. So to see them IRL, albeit separated by several inches of glass was super exciting for me. The shoes and mannequins were surrounded by an adult ball pit (no, there weren't sex toys in view) constructed from colourful metallic baubles. It was these shining baubles which prompted me to write the following blog post, but also just appreciate the installation as a piece of art which celebrates the festiveness of the holiday season without overtly shoving Christianity down everyone's throats. 

 Growing up, the only person to wear plaid on a regular basis was my dad (not a fashion forward person) who pretty much dedicated himself to flannelette shirts. In high school my world view was widened when I was introduced to plaid woolen skirts as part of my winter uniform, but felt betrayed when I was still freezing cold. Plaid isn't something I invest in today, but come to think of it I rarely see it in thrift stores, at the mall or online. Despite the print not being gendered in any specific way no one has really created tops or dresses which flatter the female figure whilst also generating a unique silhouette. Giving form to these thoughts and feelings through writing makes me contemplate how quickly I abandoned sewing/ textile design as a past time in school and wonder if I could have experimented with design in the same way. My ultimate conclusion is probably not, but the mere fact that there is a small chance that maybe I could have made something equally innovative fills me with deep longing.  

Unlike many other runway reviews, where I take images from I actually prefer the images taken by UK fashion blogger Susie Bubble. Personally I just thought the models weren't framed up to the usual standard. My eyes were watering at the thought of having to inspect the clothes on my computer screen using a fucking telescope. Usually I don't care too much about the FRO since in many instances the images produced are mediocre at best, with Susie proving an exception to the rule and understanding what are the most important aspects of the clothes. There's not much else I can say, other than maybe the media were too far away from the action? Meh. I doubt there would be the same amount of detail, especially when it comes to the shoes. For me, as with other Dior collections when Raf Simons was in power, the shoes were the star of the show. That's not to say I wouldn't love to wear the clothes but the high street wouldn't be able to mass produce/ profit from the shoes in the same way they copy the shape and cut of the clothes.

 As the show progresses, the prints become more busy and the patterns increasingly abstract. Sidebar: can we just take a moment to appreciate the red head Yuan Bo Chao who looks like a modern Little Mermaid spin-off. Also, I'm really digging the layering of printed long sleeve shirts under trumpet pleated dresses with deep V-necks. It reminds me of the 90s trend of wearing t-shirts under sun dresses, something I was personally too young to attempt myself, but would have undoubtedly been subjected to, given that my mother still tries to control what I wear today. One thing I did notice is that the cut, hemline and general structure of every dress is carefully chosen to compliment the dress colour and pattern. Being able to discern which type of straps, bust line and waist accentuate a pattern is something that distinguishes the genius of Simons from that of budding designers. Shout out to the metallic blue dress with raw hemline which has my weak at the knees for reasons that I can't explain. 

Images 1-6 via, the rest are Style Bubble.