Thursday, October 23, 2014

short fast loud

My computer is threatening to explode or something because of low storage space so a lot of the images I have stored are finally getting posted. Sorry but that also means I lost most of the sources for these images except when I could remember them off the top of my head. I like the colour red- it's romantic, sexy and usually associated with lipstick or a really good pair of heels. I like the way it's used in movies, or to back light a scene in a movie. There's something transfixing about a really good shade of red and I always seem to gravitate back towards it during the various stages of my life. I wear a lot of red and of course since I dyed my hair my friends and peers associate me with this colour. It's always nice when someone says they think of you when they see something, or what I consider the ultimate compliment.

1- unknown, 2- Alexander Wang Simona Fox Heel. 3, 4 & 5- all unknowns.

Monday, October 20, 2014

to be one with nature

It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to live cohesively. I can't obsess and love an aesthetic wholeheartedly and let it be an all consuming obsession anymore. So although I want to blog and create moodboards it's easier for me to think in terms of a colour palette and then move on. Lately my thoughts have revolved around spring and the colours green, red and orange. It's kind of tacky but also reminiscent of the past and generally nostalgic. Nature has been on my mind a lot lately, my friends want to go camping after exams finish and I can't wait for that.
In a few weeks university will be over and life can begin again.

1- Chloe Nørgaard, 2- Nicoletta Branco, 3- Kristen Owen by Mario Sorrenti for W, 4- Ghost World (2001), 5 & 6. 7- Miu Miu S/S 14. 8- sudipto das in panskura. 9- rajesh kumar singh in lucknow and jammu.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Don't Say a Thing

I've had a busy semester- and hopefully it'll be my last provided I pass everything and my exams all go OK. There hasn't been much time for blogging but when I can, or when I just can't force myself to work any more I like to compose pictures. The really intense collages were made shortly after I went to the Melbourne Art Fair and it had a big influence on me. I kind of want more experiences like that, feeling tired but happy at the same. Lately it's just been exhausting and draining. Less like living and more like surviving from day to day but soon it'll all be over. I don't know what I'm going to be doing over Summer, probably volunteering, crafting things and trying to make a little more money from my etsy shop. I had an interview for a summer job but I don't think I'll get it. Maybe I'm too old. It kind of sucks because I like being kept busy but maybe I'll do some embroidery or sewing over the break. Who knows.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Prom Queen

Even though it is totally the wrong time of year for prom, and I never experienced it for myself, lately with so many assignments due I keep daydreaming about movies and magical pop culture moments like Pretty in Pink. So when I really should be studying or catching up on homework, I made this moodboard instead as an ode to all things pink, glittery and nostalgic. I think what's so appealing about this notion or representation of prom is that secretly we all like having the chance to dress up.

To become something else and transform in front of our friends and peers while looking our best, even if it's just for one special night. Or like Tina from Bob's Burgers we want a DJ, smoke machine and to have that magic moment where we see 'the one' from across the dance floor. And have the perfect kiss underneath the disco ball.
Prom also acts to removes the pretense and stigma of "I woke up like dis"- we can look good but acknowledge that we got our hair and make up done all day but proudly talk about it? I dunno I just think it's really great on a whole bunch of levels because we can show of our personal style as an extension of our tastes and aesthetic.

If you're having trouble finding the perfect dress, or simply a company that stocks a wide variety of dresses in a variety of colours, styles and sizes Avida Dress make gorgeous formal dresses, prom and bridesmaid dresses to suit all occasions. And when I say they stock all sizes, I mean they stock all sizes including plus size as well and they look AMAZING so now all babes of different body shapes and sizes can look as cute as Disney princesses ♡ ♡ ♡ They also offer custom tailoring which I think is simply incredible service for an online store. It's this inclusion of women with all types of body sizes is what makes me the most excited about this announcement- and the prices are pretty affordable too.

Even if you don't have prom coming up/ have now left school they do gorgeous cocktail dresses and some of them have immaculate sequin details on the bust. Or if you want to channel your inner mermaid they have long dresses with trails and ruffles too. There is literally something to suit everybody there and if you haven't yet you should definitely check it out. I've included some of my favourite pink dresses below in keeping with the prom-themed moodboard and inspired by characters such as Andy Walsh and Tina Belcher but don't feel like you have to aspire towards something pink and puffy like a marshmallow.

1a, c- True Stories (1986). 2- The Virgin Suicides via Style Rookie. 3- Salvation Mountain. 4a, b- Twin Peaks (1990), c- Pageant Girls by Petra Collins for Rookie Mag.6. 7a, b & c- unknowns. 10a- Courtney Love, b- Tavi 's birthday party, c. 11- Style Rookie. 15a, c. 1b & 12- The Pulp Zine interview with Cherry Glazer. 13, 14 & 15b- The Loved One Prom series by Marina Fini (makeup and hair by Veronica Chanel and wardrobe from The Loved One). 5 & 9- Courtney Love's diary. 8 & 16- The Virgin Suicides (1999).

*This is a sponsored post

Friday, October 3, 2014

Boss Lady

Wearing: SASS Sequin blazer, Thrifted blouse, thrifted trousers, Dr Martens boots and Zana Bayne harness. 

I've had some really stressful days lately in the aftermath of my twenty-first, as well as playing catch up with school work. Most of the time I am too exhausted to work on my art journal or create a moodboard, but obviously I still get dressed in the mornings so that's been my creative outlet. I can't believe I haven't worn this gorgeous sequin blazer my mom got me for Christmas yet, but it seemed appropriate to wear it while channeling mad boss lady vibes. A boss lady is someone who gets things done. She multitasks and is not afraid to be opinionated and ambitious. For this very reason, men and unfortunately women alike are intimidated and feel threatened by her. Often she gets called a bitch, simply because she works hard towards her goals. Over the next couple of weeks I will be channeling my inner boss lady until I finish my exams, after which point I hope to be back in a normal blogging regime.  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reject Everything

Wearing: Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop dress, thrifted crochet jacket, vintage petticoat, Lipstik jelly sandals, purple beaded choker and pinback from LovelyGirlHearts (etsy).

This outfit was inspired by Meadham Kirchhoff's S/S 2015 collection in which London's dynamic duo rebelled against all things gross such as misogyny, homophobia and Terry Richardson.
If you haven't checked it out I highly recommend it. The dresses were largely inspired by the Riot Grrl movement and the spiky hairstyle of Bikini Kill's lead singer Kathleen Hannah. My hair is a little too long to pull off some spunky pig tails but I realised the streaks through it kind of echo the rainbow dyed tresses from Meadham Kirchhoff SS11- which was a happy accident. What I would like to say is that I put heaps and heaps of thought into this outfit and wanted to emulate the newest collection as much as possible, but really it's just an excuse to wear all my favourite things at once on a day when I needed cheering up.