Saturday, July 14, 2018

Vive la France

Pop the champagne and crack open a bread stick, because today is the French national day, or la FĂȘte nationale. To the non-French, it's pronounced Bastille Day. Personally I'll be celebrating french culture with a glass of red wine and a wheel of brie. If you are actually French, could you pass along your beauty tips? Also, sorry for mispronouncing every word conceivable word within your language.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sweater weather is better weather

It's officially Winter or, as I like to call it sweater weather and I could not be more excited to spend weekends on the couch surrounded by blankets, splurge on a new sweater from Zaful and try my Dad's pumpkin soup recipe. Don't get me wrong, I love going for a swim on a warm Summer's day and eating mango smoothies everyday but it's been unseasonably warm for the last eight months- so I'm relishing the cool change and the lack of bugs! When I first moved from Melbourne to central Queensland I brought a few old sweatshirts but nothing that really made me look good and feel good, so lately it's all I can think about: tracking down the ultimate feel good, comfy sweatshirt. Sweatshirts and cardigans don't have to be boring, and two of my favourites feature rainbows! One is perfect for wearing to a dance class or just hanging out and watching Netflix while the other is a little bit more colourful.  You can check out more amazing sweaters and a bunch of other things at:

Normally I'm not a fan of a cropped jumper but this one looks so damn comfy and honestly, who doesn't want a tiny embroidered rainbow following them around all day? I think it's also important, especially on days when you're feeling a bit premenstrual or you've just had a crappy day to have a jumper you can throw on to feel a little bit better. Bonus points if you could also wear that jumper to go out to the movies, or wear to brunch on a Sunday with your best mates. 
If you like me, like being a little bit extra then what could be better thank a oversized pink jumper with some rainbow detailing? Honestly, if you can think of something better I would love to hear about it (and you can tell me by leaving a comment below!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

New hair, new you

A change of the seasons has brought about an insatiable urge for change to pursue growth and personal development- and what better way to bring about such change than with a change of hair? The only problem is I have naturally dark hair and living in a rural area I'm not able to visit a hair salon on a regular basis to keep retouching my roots. Lately I’ve been drawn to pastel tones (which everyone knows have the highest upkeep!) but all is not lost, because of course I can wear a wig and don’t need to worry about maintaining pastel locks. I’ve been eyeing off the ombre wavy synthetic wig by Everyday Wigs and dreaming of trying some braids or adding glitter for a full festival look. There’s a range of ombre lace front wigs if mint green doesn’t float your boat and you’re after something a little more natural. 

Speaking of natural, another favourite from the Everyday Wigs website is one of their blonde lace front wigs and it's the Brown and Blonde Straight synthetic wig. I’ve had my fair share of hairdressers question me every time I’ve entertained the notion of going blonde but this wig also has some gorgeous ombre tones which gradually lightens from the roots. In case you’re wondering whether Everyday Wigs specialise in synthetic wigs I’ve got good news for you, they also have a stunning range of wigs made from human hair and they've got human wigs to suit every skin tone and complexion, including black women, as well as Human wigs for white women

Picking a wig that suits your skin tone should always be front of mind, the same as whenever you get your hair cut or dyed. If you’ve got an olive complexion, chances are you’ll suit most shades (check the colour of your veins near your wrist, if they appear green and blue, as well as blue and purple then you’ve got olive skin). Cool toned skin (i.e. your veins appear blue and purple) best suit warm hair tones (reds, pinks and oranges) whereas warm skin tones look great with shades of dark brown, as well as blues, purples and greens. Would you ever consider wearing a wig? Is there a character you’d love to dress up as in a cosplay that has super long or dyed hair? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The world of beauty and beauty products is not complete without powders. Powders, just like salt in a meal, are crucial ingredients that make beautification processes and makeup come together. By definition, powder in makeup terms is “a cosmetic in the form of powder, applied to a person's face with a brush or soft pad.” Virtually all ladies apply powder to their faces, but it’s not exclusive to ladies only. Babies are probably second on the list of those that have their faces dabbed with powder. There is a certain satisfaction that comes after applying powder to a baby’s face.

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Categories of Powder

There are different classifications of powders used in makeup and skin problems. These are based on the particle size and form of the powder, how much coverage you want, the time of application of the powder, etc.
  • Loose and Pressed Powders
Loose powders have small fine particles and are usually packaged in jars. They are used for light makeup. Pressed powders, on the other hand, are compact and occur in semi-solid forms, such as silicones or waxes. The particles of pressed powders are slightly bigger than loose powder particles.
  • Setting and Finishing Powders
Setting powders are applied to the foundation to set it in place and prevent it from rubbing off. As a result, the foundation has a long-lasting effect. Conversely, finishing powders are applied after the setting powder has been applied. Finishing powders work on the appearance of lines and pores for a much better look.
Setting powders are a part of everyday makeup and are essential for you if you want to look your best on a daily basis. As a result, you should have the best setting powders you can get. Finishing powders, on the other hand, are only needed when you require additional blurring effects in your makeup. The setting and finishing powders can either be translucent or tinted, depending on how you want them to match your skin.
A particular type of setting powder is high-definition (HD) powder which prepares and perfects the skin in a way that all the details of the face are ready for use on high definition cameras. The HD powders ensure that camera lenses and films don’t pick up any imperfections in the skin.
  • Medicated Powders
Medicated powders are either anti-fungal, anti-bacterial or a mixture of both. Anti-bacterial powders are mostly used for bacterial infections such as skin itching problems, while anti-fungal powders are used for bacterial infections such as rashes. These medicated powders are used based on prescriptions by medical personnel.

Benefits of using powder
Besides the beautification benefits we derive from using powders, some other benefits of using are;
  • Powders help to reduce the level of oiliness of the skin and remove skin patches
  • Powders reduce sweat production by the skin
  • Powders help in preventing body odor
  • Powders are useful in preventing and treating fungal and bacterial infections
The constituent of powder
The major ingredient in powder is talc. The white, talc-based powder is the powder usually applied to the skin. However, there are some other mica-based powders in use.